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Anonymous asked: You're too attractive for your own good.

I’m not attractive though. I’m awkward and skinny and weird.

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Anonymous asked: I miss you so much more than I should. It's killing me.

Maybe you should try talking to me more.

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Anonymous asked: I hope that message was from you.

What did it say…

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Anonymous asked: I love you.

I know.

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Friends are more trouble than they are worth. Forever pessimistic.

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Paulo Coelho on We Heart It.


Lots of truth there ^^

too much truth..
Anonymous asked: Maybe this wall of books between our beds is home.

I just want back in your head…

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Anonymous asked: I wish things were different...

So do I.

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Not a day goes buy where I’m not curious to the taste of a bullet. I could have done things differently. I could be happy. I’m a ruined man.

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